Yelm Prairie Christian Center


Why do we include music and singing?

  • Music touches us all in a deep way
  • We use it as a tool to encourage each individual to look up
  • The words of the songs help us communicate what is in our heart
  • We want everyone to feel a part of the worship experience

Why do we worship?

  • To connect with God as one body, one people
  • It is our soul/spirit calling out to God
  • We are connecting to a God who loves us
  • To usher in the presence of God
  • To release pain/stress/emotions from the previous week
  • To create an atmosphere where we speak to and hear from God
  • We want to be honest in our worship
  • It raises our spirits and encourages everyone

Why do we pray?

  • To speak to God
  • To humble ourselves and recognize our need for help
  • To be heard and feel like someone is listening
  • To help others - those we know and those we don't
  • To make it through the day
  • To voice our concerns and release pain/emotions/stress
  • To recognize our dependence on God
  • To voice our needs, wants, desires, pain, praises and thankfulness

Why do we mingle?

  • To get to know one another
  • To give opportunity to welcome people
  • To connect with each other
  • To give opportunity to speak to and encourage each other and share our concerns
  • To strengthen interpersonal relationships